$20 - $50 EPCs As an Affiliate to High Ticket Webinars

and how you can find those rare offers

Today's numbers for great professional webinars can reach $20-$50 EPCs.

That's because the people who show up are highly invested and interested, and the webinar format provides an intimate way to get to know the creator. The trust and authority levels are the closest to real-life meetings.

And like those meetings usually convert at 20% for a high ticket product, webinars can convert a similar number.

Pretty amazing, right?

But here’s an unfortunate reality about the affiliate business model. Not everybody can get in on good private offers (I'm not talking about shitty Clickbank offers).

And that’s why so many people cannot.

Most of the hugely successful webinars and product launches going on online are not available to the general public to promote.

Instead, they are by invitation only.

This means you can’t just turn up and start promoting these offers.

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You’ve gotta have a name.

You’ve gotta have a reputation.

Something you can already offer to the webinar / product creator.

Or else, you’ve gotta know somebody who can hook you up and get you in the door.

Again, this is a major reason why so few people succeed with this business. It’s just not easy to get into it.

  1. Go to the free WSO sites and extract the links to new courses and launches and ask the creator if they would offer you a rev-share deal if you send them free traffic

  2. Sign up to other affiliate newsletters and see what they promote right now: these are your hottest offers. Then try to find out their email or their affiliate manager's email and ask them to join. This is how I got invited to promote the new Tony Robbins business accelerator, BTW)

  3. Use a VA and create a big list of course creators in your niche from Instagram, LinkedIn, X. Many creators with a big following will eventually sell their own course or service.

Do you have other ideas of finding out those high ticket affiliate offers? Let us know!